It's not a party, it's an art installation!

2005 Halloween House

Halloween 2005: "The Babies"

Halloween was a great night to have an installation. It was our version of open studios. While we did include the occasional pumpkin and hand out treats to the kids, that's where Halloween ended and the art took over.

2010 The Last Halloween -- Good-bye Mr. Cobb!

2009 The Nuclear Family

2008 The Year of the Rat

2007 The Last Pumpkin Supper

2006 Scary Doctor and Pumpkin Post-Op

2005 The Babies (see also above)

2004 Trailer Park Flamingo Attack and 20-Year Retrospective

2003 100 Ants

2002 Violin Players & Giant Conductor

2001 Masks

2000 Flying Brains/Cobb's Dream

1999 Martin Denny Tiki Lounge

1998 Beat Halloween

1997 Ghostly Dinner Party and Dream Machine Lights

1996 Candy HRC Newsletter spread (pdf file)

1995 Angel and Devil on Your Shoulder HRC Newsletter page (pdf file)

1994 Dia De Los Muertos: Carousel of Murder and Floating Skulls

1993 All-Seeing, All Knowing Eye

1992 Math, The Scariest Subject Ever

1991 The Undersea World of Market Street

1990 The House as a Giant Pumpkin and Paper Mache Voodoo Masks

1989 Knocked Silly by Aftershocks

1988 Light and Shadow Boxes

1987 Three Wise Pumpkins

1986 Insect Light Boxes

1985 Meet Mr. Cobb The Dancing Puppet

1984 Four Pumpkins Make One Face, Giant Spider and Web